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How Fastoola's domain age checker tool works

Enter a domain name or web URL above and press "get domain age" button. Our free online domain age checker tool will show you how old the domain is. Additionally, it will show the domain's registration date, last update date and expiry date.

We, at Fastoola, don't track or keep the registration record of any domain in our system. Instead, we depend on ICANN and Whois lookup utility, which are two highly authentic and dependable sources of domain information. When you put a domain name or web URL and press submit button, our tool immediately contacts either of these two sources and retrieves the targeted information. This information is then used by the tool to calculate the exact age of the domain. The whole process is completed in just a matter of few seconds.

What is meant by domain age?

The term domain age simply refers to the length of time a domain has been registered and remained active. Domain age is generally expressed and communicated in years, months and days. For example, if a domain is registered on January 1, 2021, its age on July 20, 2022 would be: 1 year, 6 months and 20 days. However from SEO perspective, the concept of domain age is slightly different. It starts when a search engine first crawls a live page of the website and not when the domain was actually registered by its registrar. Let's take an example to further clarify the domain age concept form these two perspectives. was registered on July 28, 2023 with Hello Internet Corporation. Google bot first accessed its main page on August 10, 2023 and Bing bot on August 16, 2023. Although the actual age of this domain (according to registrar's record) begins on July 28, the age for Google begins on August 10 and for Bing on August 16.

The reason why search engines don't use registrar data is that such information is very difficult to collect and sometime it might not be available. So, they rely on their own first contact with the domain i.e., when they first detect the site either directly or through a live hyper link from another site.

How to check your domain age?

A domain age checker tool is used to check the age of any registered domain. There are many free tools available online in which you can put the URL of any domain and see its age. In addition to age, some tools also disclose when the domain was registered, when it was last updated and when it will expire. The domain age checker tool provided at the top of this page also serves the same purpose.

Is domain age a ranking factor in search engines?

A general perception among SEOs is that the domain age is a ranking factor and plays a significant role in search performance of a website. However, while replying to a tweet in 2019, Google's John Mueller stated, "no domain age helps nothing". You can see John's reply in the screen shot below:

John Mueller's reply to domain age question

John's statement is concrete enough to believe that domain age itself is not a direct ranking factor and a website has no direct advantage over another website on account of its higher domain age number. Hence, buying an aged domain to start your online presence has no competitive SEO advantage. In fact, an old domain may sometime harm your SEO efforts. For example, what if the domain you acquire already has a suspicious link profile or other bad associations.

In 2010, while replying to a question regarding Google's use of domain age and Whois data, Matt Cutts stated that domain age does not make much difference. He further added to his answer that what mostly matters is the value of your content and the links it earns on the basis of that value.

If we consider the statements of these two Googlers together, we can conclude that a domain's age number itself does not matter in search algorithm. What actually matters is what you do with your domain during the years of its existence. This is your content that plays the biggest role to achieve good ranking and traffic. Thus, focus on it and the rest will follow automatically.

Other implications of domain age

From above discussion, it is almost clear that domain age is of no importance from SEO perspective. An older domain simply don't help you rank better than your competitors. However, SEO alone is not the sole determinant of your online success. Domain age has other implications too. Having an old and established website itself is a significant competitive advantage. For example, as your site gets older, it spreads awareness of your business and helps strengthen your brand. Moreover, If you exist on the internet since long, both actual and potential customers will trust you way more than the new entrants.

Want to know how long your competitors exist on the internet? Know it using our free domain age checker.