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How Fastoola's page authority checker tool works

Enter a webpage URL in above text area and press "submit" button. Our free page authority checker tool will show you its authority in Moz's opinion. This is a bulk PA checker tool and can check the authority of up to 20 pages in a single go.

We don't calculate any PA value; it is calculated and periodically updated by Moz in their system. We just extract the score from their database and paste the same here for you.

Let's discuss what is page authority (PA) score and how you can grow it for important pages of your website.

What is page authority (PA) score?

Page authority (or PA, for short) is a Moz's metric that predicts the power or ability of a webpage to rank in link based search engines like Google and Bing. Like domain authority (DA), this metric also ranges from 1 to 100, where 1 is the weakest and 100 is the strongest score. Theocratically, pages with higher PA score are expected to perform better in search results than those with lower score.

Moz mentions on its website that it evaluates many factors to determine the authority score of each specific webpage in its index. It further states that on-page factors, like content and keywords optimization, play no direct role in the calculation of this score. Form these statements, we conclude that the factors considered to determine the authority score of a page mostly revolve around the strength of its inbound links. Generally speaking, a powerful link profile corresponds to a higher page authority score and vice versa. Page authority should not be confused with URL rating - a similar metric that belongs to Ahref.

What is a good or bad PA score?

There is nothing like an absolute good or an absolute bad page authority score. It is a comparative measure and your score is good as long as it is better than your competitors. Page authority does not belong to any search algorithm and therefore does not play any role in your actual search performance. Rather, It is a relative value that can be used to compare the potential ranking ability of competing webpages.

Since page authority is based on dozens of factors, it is difficult to impact directly. The best way to improve your PA score is to get authoritative inbound links to your page(s). A link from authoritative source works as a vote of confidence for your page and improves its trust in the eyes of both search engines and Moz. The more authoritative links you get, the more trust you earn overtime. Irrelevant, low quality and comment links don't work anymore. Links from such sources may, in fact, adversely impact the existing trust level of your page.

As stated earlier, on-page optimization don't directly make any contribution to your PA score. However, a well written content can always help you get inbound links from authoritative domains overtime and impact your score indirectly.

Page authority is scored on a 100 point log scale. Thus, it is way more easier to improve your score on lower end of PA scale than it is on higher end. For example, it is much easier to increase your PA score from 10 to 20 than it is from 80 to 90.

How to check your page authority score

A page authority checker tool is used to check the authority score of a specific URL or webpage. This tool is basically designed to communicate with Moz and get the score of given URL from their database. There are dozens of free page authority tools available on the internet.

Page authority checker is of two types - single PA checker and bulk PA checker. A single PA checker tool allows you to check the authority score of only one page at a time. If you want to see the score of another page, you have to repeat the process i.e., put  the new URL and press the submit button again. A bulk PA checker tool, on the other hand, can be used to check the score of multiple URLs with a single click only. These tools provide enough text area to enter more than one URLs in a single go. The tool provided at the top of this page is also a bulk page authority checker tool, and it is totally free to use.

These tools use server and API key related resources to work, which may cost a lot to the website that hosts them. Hence, websites with enormous number of requests sometime impose certain usage restrictions on their free users, like one use per minute or per five minutes etc.

Why does your page authority score change?

Page authority score is determined by a machine learning algorithm, which incorporates the aggregate impact of multiple data. Your score can, therefore, fluctuate due to a wide range of reasons, including the following:

  • A change in link profile of the webpage being evaluated.
  • A change in authority score of your source pages or domains (i.e., the pages and domains that link to your page).
  • A change in link profile of competing webpage(s).
  • An update in Moz's algorithm used to calculate PA score.
  • Moz has not captured all the links to your page.

If you go through our domain authority checker page, you will notice that these factors are very similar to those causing fluctuation in domain authority score. The reason is that both DA and PA metrics are calculated the same way.

Difference between page authority and domain authority

Page authority and domain authority are both based on alike data and methodology. Both are aimed at the same purpose - to approximate the ranking strength of a website. The only difference between two is that the former is calculated at individual page level whereas the later is determined at domain or subdomain level. They are, therefore, more similar than they are different.

Don't know the authority of your domain? Our domain authority checker tool can help you check the authority score of your domain.