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How Fastoola's word counter tool works

Paste your paragraph, article or essay in the text area above and press "count words" button. Our free word counter tool will count the total number of words as well as the total number of characters your text comprises of.

We, at Fastoola, take care of your privacy and copyright concerns with extreme responsibility. As opposed to many other word counter tools, we don't keep a footprint of your content when you use our tool to count words and characters in your text. Your text is visible to you or your authorized staff members only. It can't be seen or accessed by us or any other user of our tools.

Currently, you can just write or paste your text in the tool's text area. However, we are planning to add the option of uploading your content file directly from your device or other sources like Dropbox and Google Drive etc.

Why writers use a word counter tool

Counting words and characters manually is a laborious and time consuming task. Therefore, rather than wasting precious time in a tedious manual counting process, writers often prefer to use a reliable word counter tool. Once you have put all the text in tool's text area, you just need to press the "Count Words" button. In less than one second, the tool will reveal you the number of words and characters used in your text.

Word counter tool for social media marketers and content creators

No matter whether you are a content creator or social media marketer, the length of your content is always important to you. In many cases, you need to keep your text within certain character limit. For example, social media platforms allow a fixed number of characters for both promotional and nonproportional posts. The use of excessive characters generally results in truncated post titles and descriptions, leading to unoptimized campaign result. Similarly, if you are a copywriter, blogger or web content creator, a word counter tool can tell you whether or not you have met your own or your client's minimum words requirement.

Word counter tool in search engine optimization (SEO)

The use of word counter tool is also relevant in search engine optimization (SEO). Major search engines display only a limited number of characters from your title and description tags. For example, both Google and Bing show 60 to 70 characters for title and 150 to 160 characters for description. If these tags are excessively long or too short, engines will either ignore them or display truncated title and description snippet, leading to unoptimized listing on search results pages.

Moreover, a word counter tool can be your friend for analyzing your competitors' online presence and SEO strategy. For example, it can help you estimate the quantum of visible text-based content on a competing web page and decide how much unique text you need to add on your own page for better SEO.

Word counter tool for students and educators

Word counter tools are also useful for students and instructors. For example, students can use a word counter tool to determine if they have completed the required number of words for assignments, projects, theses or research papers that their instructors have assigned to them.

Word counter for job applicants

A word counter tool can help job seekers count words in documents that they need to submit to employers as part of initial hiring process. For example, an employer may require all applicants to exhibit their market awareness by accompanying a 2,500-words case study report with their resume.

Other ways to count words in your text

In addition to word counter tools, there are many other ways to find the number of words in your text without counting them manually. For example, Microsoft Word, Google Docs and Apple Pages are all equipped with their own word count feature. If you are a user of these programs but don't know how to benefit from this built-in feature, here is a quick guide for you.

Increasing or decreasing word count of your text

Many times we find it difficult to reach a certain number of words in our text. It generally occurs when words don't come to our mind because we feel that we have already mentioned what we know. If this is the case with you, don't worry because there are tactics to get more words for your piece.

  1. Spare some time to discuss your topic with your friends, colleagues and family members. They may be able to give you more information of the topic you are writing about.
  2. Do a research on the internet to get more ideas or points about your topic. Once you get a few, you can rephrase them to add in your copy.
  3. Try to lengthen your text by exemplifying your existing points or ideas. Examples are not just the best way to produce more words but they also help your audience easily grasp the concept you are trying to explain.

A too long piece of text, on the other hand, has the risk of losing your readers' interest. If your piece reaches much beyond an appropriate words limit, you can follow one or more of the following tactics to shorten it.

  1. Rank your points in the order of their importance. Just keep the most important points and cut off those that are not so crucial to your main topic.
  2. Try to rephrase your sentences to make them shorter and concise.
  3. Avoid using flowery language and try to be straight to the point.

Best online word counter tools

Dozens of word counter tools are available on the internet which you can use for free and without any restriction. Listed below are some of the best and easy to use word counter tools.

  1. Fastoola's Word Counter Tool
  2. Wordcounter.net
  3. Word Count Tool
  4. Wordcounter.io
  5. Small SEO Tool's Word Counter
  6. Quill Bot Word Counter Tool
  7. The Word Count
  8. Duplichecker's Word Counter Tool
  9. Easy Word Count
  10. Keywordtool.io